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New Studio This Spring!

I'm so excited that I'll be teaching on occasion at the new Commune space starting this spring! Look out for more updates and specific classes to come.

I was noticing as I went to write this that the last time I posted anything was over a year ago. I don't feel bad about it, no one was holding their breath waiting for an update. I've been busy growing, birthing, and now raising my little girl, and am now back to work full time!

Sometimes people ask how I find the time to squeeze in teaching yoga among everything else I am doing. It's just a choice I make, and one that makes me feel like I'm continuing to be me even after becoming a mother. Substitute teaching can be tough. Doing anything outside of surviving as a new parent can be tough. Without a regular schedule, I don't feel like I get to connect as deeply with my students, and it takes so much more work than if I were teaching a regular class to set up the theme, sequencing, creating playlists, and curating the experience. But, the reality of where I am in my current life stage makes subbing perfect for me to nurture this part of me that is all mine. It's not something I can even place a value on! And sometimes I do share it; I lead a home practice with my husband or with friends, or I often meditate with my kids. But the dedication and care I pour into each class I teach allows me to unleash a creativity that I can't get from other things. I love it!

And I have a few students who follow me to all the classes I teach. To you, I am grateful <3

So I hope to see you at an upcoming class soon, I will continue to post these on my Events page. If you want to be notified personally about any upcoming classes, just reach out.


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