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February Flows

This February, I'm teaching a series of Flow + Myofascial release classes at Live Love Flow in Capitol Hill. We will explore themes like back body release, hips, and shoulders, working with Therapy Balls. Classes will include a warm up, flow, and myofascial section, followed by a cool down.

If you haven't experienced Myofascial release, it can be intense, but is very complimentary to a regular fitness routine by balancing the strong and tightening muscle movements with releasing and "unsticking" the connective tissue that holds us together. Zero experience necessary to join. Here's a great article from Yoga Medicine, the school where I was trained, and examples if you want to learn more on your own.

I'm so excited to help you give yourself that massage you've been waiting for!

Classes will be on the following dates, and more studio information here:

February 2 - 6:15p

February 16 - 6:15p

February 23 - 6:15p

#Seattle #Yoga #Myofascial #fitness

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