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Welcome to my blog. I wanted to write about the events I put on this summer and the events I'm planning for the fall.

I started a series of yoga classes on the Dock in Leschi beside Bluwater Bistro so that people in the community could enjoy classes outside, without having to be inside a hot studio, and to have the opportunity to practice at a cost they were comfortable paying. This ended up being so much fun!

I taught every other weekend in July and August, with themes ranging from elements in nature, to music themes, with a Disney flow to end the summer where I put on a Princess Jasmine attire to teach in.

I have enjoyed playing around with fun sequences for each theme, and am grateful for each and every student that came out to play. It was an honor to enjoy your presence in nature.

After our last class, we jumped in the lake to celebrate doing good for our bodies, minds, and spirits. Stay tuned for what's coming up this fall. Namaste xx

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